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Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Max Multi-Focal 30 pack

Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Max Multi-Focal 30 pack



As the world demands more of our eyes, it's time to demand more from our contact lenses.

Our next generation of ACUVUE® Multifocal Contact Lenses, ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day MULTIFOCAL, provides an unprecedented combination1 of innovative technologies for presbyopic patients - TearStable™ Technology, which reduces evaporation and prolongs tear-film stability,*1,2 OptiBlue™ Light Filter,† and Pupil Optimized Design.

Give your patients crisp, clear vision at all distances and in all lighting conditions3.

Also available in Sphere

  • Shipping Info

    We offer free shipping to your home! Your contact lenses will arrive in approximately 7 business days.

  • Details

    • Contains 30 Daily Lenses
    • We will replace torn lenses
    • We only accept unopened and unused boxes for exchange or refund
  • Prescription

    Are you already our patient?

    We will have your contact prescription on file

    Not our patient but want to buy contacts?

    We’ll need a copy of your prescription. Email it to or fax if over to (587) 905-5000

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