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Total 30 for Astigmatism
  • Total 30 for Astigmatism


    Meet TOTAL 30® Astigmatism, the only toric monthly contact lens brand to use revolutionary Water Gradient Technology, which lets more oxygen get to your eyes without sacrificing your contacts’ high water content. These lenses also use CELLIGENT® Technology to mimic the soft surfaces of your eyeballs and create a feel at least five times softer than other monthly contacts. The result? Lenses that are comfy alllll month long. Oh, and they offer Class 1 UV protection, blocking >90% of UVA and >99% of UVB rays.

    • Shipping Info

      Your contact lenses will arrive in approximately 7 business days.

    • Details

      • Contains 6 Monthly Lenses
      • We will replace torn lenses
      • We only accept unopened and unused boxes for exchange or refund
    • Prescription

      Are you already our patient?

      We will have your contact prescription on file

      Not our patient but want to buy contacts?

      We’ll need a copy of your prescription. Email it to or fax if over to (587) 905-5000

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